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Seasoning your Maturi Kamado Barbecue

Due to the manufacturing process, your new barbecue will have residual paint and manufacturing oils - things that you’d rather not have on your burger!

The process of seasoning will burn off these impurities and sterilise your barbecue ready for those juicy cuts of meat you’re itching to grill. Don’t skip the seasoning process, this is an important step on the way to grilling perfection! Just follow the below steps -

  1. Rinse and thoroughly air dry the grill grates. There is no need to use a cleaning solution, but if you do make sure to rinse and dry thoroughly to remove all traces.
  2. Using a basting brush, (clean/new!) paintbrush or paper towel, wipe the grates all over with a high heat-resistant/smoke point oil such as vegetable, peanut or canola oil.
  3. Lightly brush/wipe the oil on the inside of the lid and insides of the pit. This will bake and seal the grill and grates once heated.
  4. Turn up the heat! Light your charcoal and burn until it is searing hot.
  5. Let it burn for 30-40 minutes. The smoke and heat will work their magic and start to create the perfect non-stick surface. During this process the grates will change in appearance from shiny stainless steel and will discolour and darken - This is completely normal and signs the process is working!
  6. Let the charcoal burn off and let the grill cool. Your barbecue is now seasoned!